What your Foot shapes say about your personality?

It isn’t exactly the way that we talk or present ourselves which says a lot about our personality. Indeed, even our actual appearance, which incorporates the shape and size of our hand, eyes, lips and feet also say what our personality is like. So here is the list that gives you a thought regarding what the shape of your feet say about you personally.

Roman feet

This foot shape is usually common. Here your initial three toes are in a straight line and afterward to graph dips. Somebody with this foot type is said to have a well balanced body. They will learn new things and are educated people. Most explorers and travelers have such feet. The main drawback is that these people have an excess of pride and are known to be overconfident.

Square feet

If every one of your toes are in a straight line then, what you have are called laborer feet. Those with such feet are exceptionally scientific. They like to look at every one of the aspects over everything under the sun. These individuals are extremely secure with regards to themselves and settle on very ideal choices.

Greek feet

If your second toe is longer than the other toes, you have Greek shaped feet. You are lively, inventive and extremely dynamic. You additionally love motivating others. The downside with them is that they tend to experience the ill effects of stress.

Egyptian feet

On the off chance that your toes make a curve starting from your first toe, you have delicate feet, otherwise called water feet. Such individuals have a high need for privacy. They will generally escape from the real world and are regularly hasty and rebellious.

Written by Muniza Murtaza

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