2 Best Refreshing Summer Drink

1- How to Make Best Simple Margarita | Best Refreshing Summer Drink

Here I share the best margarita recipe. Serve this drink on the rocks with the classic ingredients: lime, Cointreau and tequila.

Here is the best margarita formula you’ll find: zingy and clear. It’s basic and uses just simple 3 ingredients. Numerous cafés and pre-made blends utilize heaps of sugar, however you won’t miss it here! This drink is entirely tart and adjusted. Make a singular beverage or a pitcher for a night with companions. This is the way to make the best margarita on the rocks in only 5 minutes!

There’s nothing I love more than chips, salsa and a margarita in my hand. At cafés and bars, I will generally inquire as to whether they would be able to “make it tart.” Little did I know; a genuine margarita drink contains no additional straightforward syrup! only the pleasantness of the orange liqueur. This makes the absolute best margarita recipe you’ll find.

Ingredients for margarita:

1 ½ ounces tequila

1-ounce Cointreau or Triple Sec

¾ ounce lime juice

Make a classic margarita on the rocks, follow these 3 steps!

This basic margarita formula is “on the rocks,” meaning that it’s served over ice. It’s extraordinarily simple to make; this is the way!

Edge the glass with salt. A classic margarita has salt on the edge. Why? The salt improves the prepared flavors in the beverage.

Shake in a mixed drink shaker. Take that tequila, Cointreau and lime squeeze and shake it together in a mixed drink shaker with some ice cubes.

Strain into a glass and add ice. Strain the drink into a glass and add ice. What sort of glass to use for the best margarita? The margarita drink is frequently served in a lowball or Old-Fashioned glass. However obviously the classic curved margarita glass works as well.

2- Grain Water Barley water | Amazing Summer Drinks You Must Try at Home 

Grain Water Barley water makes for an ancient solution for great health. All you want to make this remedy is pearl grain, water, salt, a hint of honey and lemon and you are all set. This is the way you can make grain water at home.

Benefits of Barley Water Barley water positions high in the classification of sound drinks. Since grain is a decent source of fiber, nutrients, and fundamental minerals (calcium, iron, manganese, magnesium, zinc and copper).

 Here’s the reason you ought to check it out:

Helps in Digestion Related Problems 

Barley water is considered as a stomach related tonic which helps in working with the course of digestion. It is frequently prescribed to those experiencing constipation or diarrhea, and it likewise restores the electrolyte balance during diseases.

Weight Loss

Since grain is a phenomenal source of fiber, grain water also holds this characteristic in some measures. It along these lines ends up being an extraordinary choice for those trying to get more fit as it will in general top you off for a more drawn out time frame, subsequently eliminating your food admission. Additionally, as it is really great for digestion, it likewise invigorates the digestion of fats. However, this most certainly doesn’t imply that you can enjoy greasy food varieties and expect grain water to do something amazing

Step by step instructions to Make Barley Water To take advantage of this solid drink, it is ideal to work it up at home. It is easy to make and you could utilize flavor promoters and sugars to work on the taste. You can utilize hulled barley or pearl grain to make the drink. Ensure that you cook the grains well to extract the most nutrients from it.


1/4 cup pearl barley

4 cups water

A touch of salt shower of honey (optional)

A lemon skin (optional)


Heat the water and pearl grain in a pot and carry it to a boil. Add the salt and cook on a low fire for 30 minutes. You can jumble the grains a bit, utilizing a spoon. Strain it into a glass, tip in a lemon skin, and sprinkle some honey on top. Allow it to cool totally. You can likewise save it in the fridge for 30 minutes and afterward have it.

Note: You can utilize ginger, cinnamon, cumin seeds and different flavors, or squeezed orange to improve the taste. The extra grains can be utilized to make oats, mixed greens or a thickening specialist for curries and smoothies. 

Written by Muniza Murtaza

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